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Our Services

Drobo Rescue offers unparalleled data recovery services for all Drobo devices, serving Mac OS and Windows users worldwide. With over a decade of experience, we’re your first call for bringing back critical data securely and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive data recovery across all Drobo models.
  • Receive your data on a complimentary 4TB drive with secure, insured shipping worldwide.
  • Competitive rates for data volumes exceeding 4TB.
  • Fast-track option for select urgent data retrieval.
  • 90-day secure data retention post-recovery for your peace of mind.

Process & Pricing

  • Overview:
    • Our process is designed to be straightforward and transparent, ensuring you understand the value and details of the service you’re receiving.
  • Base Package:
    • Starting at $850 USD, our base package covers the first 4TB of data recovery, including a 4TB drive and worldwide return shipping. Please note: You are responsible for the cost of return shipping for your Drobo device and any original hard drives.
    • Send your Drobo unit to us including its power supply. Alternatively, send only the hard drives. Ensure Drobo and drives are well padded and packed and send with a reputable postage service with tracking and insurance if required.
  • Add-ons:
    • Additional data? No problem. Each extra 4TB drive is $200 USD.
    • Need something urgently? Digital downloads are available at $40 USD per 10GB.

Contact us

Ready for Rescue? Reach out to us at support@droborescue.com or use the form below:

Let us know your Drobo model, the total number of hard drives, the amount of data you think is on the disk pack and the challenges you’re facing. We’re here to help recover your digital life.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Our No Data, No Fee promise ensures you only pay for successful recoveries.
  • We offer Drobo enclosure recycling and options for handling your original disk pack and Drobo unit as return postage for these is not included. If you would like your failed Drobo unit and any storage media returned you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.
  • Please be aware that recovery may alter your disk pack’s compatibility with its original Drobo enclosure.
  • Data recovery time may vary based on data size. Please consider this when ordering and note that we do have an option for select urgent data retrieval via secure download.
  • We understand how crucial your data is to you, and we treat every recovery project with the utmost care and expertise. However, it’s important to acknowledge that data recovery is a complex process influenced by many variables, including the condition of the storage device, the nature of the data loss, and the specific configurations of the data storage. Despite our extensive experience and sophisticated technology, it is impossible to guarantee the recovery of all data in every situation. We assure you that we will make every effort to recover as much data as possible, but we cannot promise a 100% success rate. Our ‘No Data, No Fee’ policy is a testament to our commitment to transparency and customer service, ensuring that you are only charged for successful data recovery.
  • Data is returned on a standard of low cost drives and are not intended to be a permanent solution, therefore your rescued data should be transferred to your permanent solution as soon as practical. Your rescued data drives can then act as a backup.
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